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  1. Prajnaparamita
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The song "Prajnaparamita" is an exploration of the Buddhist teaching on "the perfection of wisdom":  The wisdom that goes "beyond the beyond". The wisdom that is the embodiment of the truth of our interbeing, and flies in the face of all concepts, especially duality and otherness. The ultimate reminder that we are not separate and that our work in this world is to serve all beings with love, compassion, kindness, and wise action.

This song was inspired on a retreat with Joana Macy where she taught extensively about Prajnaparamita and the manifestation of these teachings in female form as Buddhist goddess. The teachings and practices are incredibly rich. I encourage you to explore them on your own, and I hope this song will be a doorway into that work.


I come wandering, wandering
I come honoring, honoring
I am opening, opening
will you show me

wheel turns love flows
all deep time knows that
we are woven
web unbroken
wheel turns truth grows
may all hearts know
each one is precious
babe to ashes

will you empty me, empty me
help me, help me
hold me, hold me
live through me

wheel turns love flows
a thousand eyes and ears
behold the suffering
seeing, listening
wheel turns truth grows
a thousand hands to hold
and carry each other
show us, Great Mother

will you be with me, be with me
shine through me, through me
will you sing me, sing me
dance through me

eyes ears hands hearts
crack wide open witness
truth of the universe
and all her beloveds yearning
to remember
the wisdom that goes beyond
perfection, transcendent
never separate