Awakening Retreat

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Animal Place Sanctuary, Grass Valley, CA

At a time of such uncertainty, we must awaken to our deepest truth in order to understand how to move forward. Join Charity Kahn & Diana Oppenheim for a weekend utilizing yoga, mindfulness, and other activities as tools to help us face our harsh reality, tap into our collective and individual strength, and find the clarity and courage necessary to forge a clear path.

Stepping outside our daily life -- even for a few days -- can open a powerful doorway to creativity. We will spend the weekend moving our bodies and stilling our minds to help us gain insight into how to respond to our global catastrophe. What gifts do you have to share? How can you use your gifts in service of the earth? We will address these questions and more in vision planning and strategy sessions, and use transformative collaboration to cut through the delusion that we can't do anything about climate change.

One individual's actions can absolutely do a lot, and collective action can do much more. All of it is needed. In the face of mass extinction, animal cruelty, capitalistic greed, racist political systems and oppression around every corner, we need to take the time to pause -- not to turn away from reality, but rather to learn how to navigate its waters.

Throughout the weekend, we will enjoy vegan food cooked by amazing chef, Lindsey Kraten. We will practice daily yoga and meditation. And we will harvest collective wisdom. Together, we will explore what it means to be awake during such volatile times. And we will leave with a better sense of what we can do about it.

Ethics -This retreat is 100% vegan.
-This retreat will be zero waste. -100% of profits generated will be donated to the Global Movement Network-- a decentralized funding pool for direct action environmental activists. The two organizations they fund are Vital Actions & L'eau Est La Vie Camp.