The music you will find here is inspired by my journey as woman, mother, daughter, lover, mistake-maker, thriver, student, teacher, citizen, human — the “growing-up” person who struggles and strives and adores and befriends and clings and lets go and wonders and wanders and knows and forgets and remembers and falls down and holds hands and helps and asks for help.

This music is woven out of grief for our individual and collective losses, and hope for our future. It is rapture, sorrow, anger, forgiveness, intoxication, renunciation, fear, enchantment, love and more love and still more love. It is for the broken and the divine within all of us.  

These recordings are created in collaboration with my artistic and life partner, Daryn Roven, engineer and producer and person extraordinaire. We welcome in other musician friends where we feel the song wants more and we're so grateful for their gorgeous and alchemical contributions.  

I hope you find something here to inspire, open, free or touch you in some way. It is my intention to make and share this music for the benefit of all beings. May we all awaken, may we all continue to remove the veils that blind us, may we all remember how to truly love and care for each other. May all beings be free.

How I got here:

Music has been my refuge for as long as I can remember. Even when I was very small, sitting down at the piano and communicating with and through the instrument from the tender place of aliveness deep inside was a source of joy, peace, grounding and calm. I was raised by the resonance of those strings, molded by the gentle thump of the felted hammers, transported by the shiny shimmer of overtones and harmony and dissonance boring into brain and blood, strengthened by the loving touch of finger on key and key on finger, over and over, ’til we knew each other indelibly. 

I spent countless hours honing the melodies and themes of the masters, absorbing and performing the music channeled by others. And for this practice and the joy and learning it brought, I am eternally grateful. But over time, my relationship with the music changed and I started hearing, sensing, transmitting music from “somewhere else”, trusting this inner knowing to speak its own truth through the medium I had come to know so intimately. And this was always a transformative experience when it happened. 

I came to see singing and songwriting as a healing balm, a medicine for my tired and confused heart, conduit for my life-force energy, detox for my searching soul, outlet for my ecstacy. The music met me wherever I was. Any impossible thing could be navigated, any beautiful thing could be properly worshiped, if only I could find a way to sing and play about and around and inside and through the feelings, the transformations, the fears and doubts and great loves and joys therein. 

Midwifing songs into being — that mysterious collaboration between artist and something beyond — has been the practice in life that has saved me and fulfilled me most of all. While raising my two children these last 18 years, I have made many, many songs for children and families (you can learn more about that here).

My joy and gratitude for this experience and all the magnificent families who participate in my programs and share in the music is immeasurable. And as my children begin to blossom into young adults, the time has now come to harvest the “other side” of my songwriting — the “adult” music. Telling stories through song for this audience frees me in a different way (I'm "uncensored", as a friend pointed out ;-) So while I don't feel internally that I'm two separate people -- a children's musician on the one hand and an "adult" musician on the other -- and there is much cross-over in the music, I am excited to be embarking on this journey at this point in time, to see what comes out and where it takes me. 

I would love to hear from you! If any of these songs bring joy or healing or questions or movement of any kind into your life, please reach out. I welcome any opportunity to share in this collective journey with you.

With Metta,